Have you been reading about car subscription services and wondering if they're for real? Well, they are. And now you can enjoy an all-inclusive payment on select vehicles from Volvo Cars. We call this convenience the Care by Volvo plan. If you love to change your vehicle frequently and enjoy streamlined ownership, then Care by Volvo might be right for you. In the following article, we'll talk about what a car subscription is and the many advantages of the Care by Volvo program. Explore our new Volvo cars for sale to get a sense of everything that Quantrell Volvo has available for you.

Care by Volvo. Ownership Simplified.

Car subscription services are increasing in popularity, yet many of our guests come in with questions. Thanks to the flexibility of the Care by Volvo program, you'll enjoy many benefits like:

  • Top model availability including the Volvo XC40, Volvo XC60, & Volvo XC90
  • The ability to jump into another Care by Volvo vehicle in as little as 4mo
  • One payment to cover 1,250mi/month, insurance, excess wear, wheel, tire, & maintenance
  • Short contract terms to 24mo
  • Online vehicle management and home delivery service

And it's as simple as that. In a sense, it's very similar to a long term car rental, and it is ideal for those who might be considering a long term car rental since all your needs are covered in one umbrella payment.

If the Volvo XC90 interests you, compare our Volvo XC90 lease specials to the Care by Volvo rates for a Volvo XC90 Momentum.

What Are the Limitations of Care by Volvo?

Virtually none. Car subscription services are a great way to go, especially if you think your credit would impact a lease or finance scenario. The terms are much more flexible through Care by Volvo. That said, unlike traditional purchases or leases:

  • Trade-ins are not allowed
  • CA, FL, HI, MS, NC, ND, NY, & SD are not included states in the Care by Volvo program
  • Over-mileage costs $.25 per mile
  • Payment does not reflect local taxes and fees
  • Cannot be combined with other promotions and offers
  • Accessories cannot be rolled into your payment
  • Vehicles may have mileage/usage from previous subscribers

Compare our Volvo XC60 lease specials with a Care by Volvo unit of the same model trim. Life in Lexington can get busy. Shouldn't your vehicle ownership be more convenient?

Care by Volvo Near Louisville. Convenience Within Your Grasp.

There's no catch. No hidden fees. This is how Quantrell Volvo makes your driving experience much easier. You get all of the benefits with less out-of-pocket costs. Imagine not having to pay for tires every time you hit a nail or road hazard. Imagine your tastes in colors change on a whim. Check out our Volvo XC40 lease specials and then see the deals on available Care by Volvo examples. Which one is right for you? Let our Care by Volvo specialists guide you as you select an option that's best for you. Wouldn't it be nice if life could be easier? It can be!

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