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When doing due diligence for a scheduled oil change, Lexington, KY, drivers are helping their vehicles live a long and healthy life. Oil is the lifeblood of an engine. An engine is the beating heart of your vehicle. Hundreds of parts must move and work in harmony from within; that movement produces friction. Friction produces heat and lowers mechanical efficiency. Putting it simply, if the oil is compromised, things can go wrong.

But you're a proactive Volvo driver, and you know just how important this is. What you also know is that finding a Volvo service center that understands your vehicle inside and out is equally important. That's what we offer you. But a convenient oil change by expert technicians is only the beginning. You'll find an overview of the experience our service center offers and in-depth info on an oil change Lexington, KY, drivers will find valuable on this page.

Expert Certified Technicians, Precise Technology

Your Volvo vehicle was built to demanding quality standards; Volvo certified technicians are trained under equally demanding standards. At our service center, we only offer you a crew of technicians who you can be confident in. Whether it's getting the oil change done promptly or knowing precisely which specification of oil to use, that's what you'll find. On top of that, the latest advanced technology makes for precise results every time, so that for any oil change, Lexington, KY, drivers won't have to worry about the job not being done right.

Not Every Oil Change Is the Same

Our technicians will give your vehicle the right oil every time. But what does "the right oil" mean? You may have seen bottles of engine oil at an auto parts store and noticed labels like "0W-20." This refers to oil viscosity at different temperatures, and it must be the correct type for your vehicle. But, another factor is that engine oil comes in two types: conventional and synthetic. The differences are as follows:

  • Scheduled oil change intervals for synthetic can be around three times longer than conventional.
  • Synthetic oil resists high temperatures better than conventional.
  • Synthetic oil flows better in cold temperatures than conventional.
  • Synthetic oil resists chemical breakdown better than conventional.
  • Synthetic oil can offer improved fuel economy over conventional.
  • Synthetic oil costs slightly more than conventional.

This is why we not only use the specified viscosity but also use synthetic types for brands like a Castrol EDGE or Valvoline oil change - the slight premium is well worth the confidence.

How Often a Volvo Oil Change Is Required

Interval length will vary depending on the vehicle type and age. For your Volvo XC40 oil change, you'll be informed afterward about when exactly the next one should be. To give you a general sense, a newer vehicle that has been given synthetic oil will typically last between 6,000 and 7,500 miles before needing another oil change. An older model running on conventional oil will require intervals of around 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Your owner's manual will also contain detailed information on the intervals.

Warning Signs That an Oil Change Is Needed

Certain factors may lower the interval for an oil change Lexington, KY, drivers need. Factors like temperature fluctuations, road conditions, driving habits, and vehicle age are among these. Even if the scheduled interval hasn't been reached, if any of these signs appear, your oil may require attention:

  • Unusual or louder than normal engine noise.
  • Burning smell from engine.
  • The check-engine light turned on.
  • Checking the oil dipstick reveals a dark-brown color rather than a honey-like color.

Oil Change Coupons in Lexington, KY

As vital to a vehicle as an oil change is, our oil change coupons will be as vital to a wallet. Before coming in for an oil change, Lexington, KY, drivers will want to check the current coupons available for more savings.

Schedule an Oil Change in Lexington With Us

When the time comes to take care of this vital aspect of vehicle maintenance, Quantrell Volvo is the Volvo dealer in Kentucky to get it done with. From expert technicians who know your vehicle inside and out to facilities that make the wait an enjoyable experience, contact us today to set up an oil change appointment with a difference.

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