A new chapter in our story

At Volvo, we're taking the lead with electrification in the auto industry. Our commitment to world-changing innovation and the demand for power, fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness will drive a broader range of hybrids and fully battery electric models. All designed to improve your life now and in the future.

"We are determined to be the first premium car maker to move our entire portfolio of vehicles into electrification."

- Håkan Samuelsson, Volvo President and CEO 

The road ahead

A storm is about to hit the automotive industry, and its name is the T8 Twin Engine. Stop by Quantrell Volvo in Lexington, KY, to learn more about the incredible technology that's propelling Volvo into the future.


High-performance T8 Plug-In Hybrid models are available across several body styles.



Every new Volvo introduced will be electrified - from mild hybrids that don't require charging to battery electric vehicles that run on electricity alone.



Volvo Car Group will have five new fully battery electric vehicles in our lineup.



Volvo Car Group plans to have over one million electrified vehicles on the road.

Volvo T8: The Forecast

The Volvo T8 Twin Engine is the first step in Volvo's ambitious plan to make the company a positive force in the environment. From 2019 on, every new model the manufacturer introduces will contain an eco-friendly driving feature, from standard hybrids to electric vehicles that run on battery alone.

By 2021, Volvo pledges to have five electric vehicles in its lineup. Devastated at the thought of losing your favorite models? Don't be. Volvo's beloved cars like the XC60 and XC90 will be getting green facelifts to make them easier on both the atmosphere and your wallet.

At the end of all this, Volvo plans on having over one million electric vehicles dominating the road in 2025. You read that right. One. Million. For years, the public has known that it would take a massive disruption for car manufacturers to start thinking about our planet's future. And so, Volvo responded.

Volvo T8: An Electrifying Drive

The excitement lies in the Volvo T8 Engine, which combines a 2.0 four-cylinder with an electric motor to give you a total of 395ps and 400Nm of torque. But what's that got to do with you? It means you're getting a thrilling drive with less of the nasty environmental impact. The T8 Twin Engine goes from zero to 100km/hr (62mph) in 5.8 seconds, and blasts by the competition with a top speed of 225 km/hr (140 mph), all while offering impressive estimated CO2 emissions of only 55g/km.

So go ahead! Turn some heads. Take that road trip. Blast those tunes on your grocery run. And do it all with the hair-tingling, envy-inducing purr of the Volvo T8 Twin Engine.

Modes For Any Forecast

The Volvo S60 T8 Twin Engine was built to change with the weather. With numerous driving mode options, this hybrid engine lets you control everything about the journey ahead.

Pure Mode is perfect for errands or the morning commute, since it runs entirely on battery. Hybrid Mode gives you the efficiency of the electric motor with some extra muscle from the engine. Power mode is there to provide you with the extra kick when you need it from the standard engine. And with the All-Wheel Drive mode that improves traction and Individual mode that lets you choose from a combination of settings, the Volvo T8 Engine makes it clear that you are the captain of this ship.

Now's The Time To Strike

The incredible Volvo SUV specials are now only a fraction of the things to be excited about at our Quantrell Volvo location. We can't wait to be on the right side of history with this bold, eco-friendly plan, and now is your chance to join us. Call Quantrell Volvo in Lexington to schedule a test drive and experience this innovative technology. Then, speak with our financing team to find out how you can take your Volvo home.

It's all happening at Quantrell Volvo, so swing by our Lexington location today!


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