Used SUVs For Sale In Lexington, KY

SUVs are history-making machines — none more than our selection of used SUVs for sale. SUVs are notorious for their family-hauling capabilities. With a family that is big, small, or any size in-between, you can be sure that memories have been made in every single SUV that's on the road, driveway, or at a dealership right now. By searching for a "used SUV near me," you've searched for a new member of the family, and you're about to find it at our dealership here in Lexington. Come to the used-car dealer Kentucky residents trust to help them make memories in used SUVs for sale. Come to Quantrell Volvo Cars to see our wonderful selection and start adding your own memories into one of these SUVs' collectives.

Used Cars For Sale

More Than Just Volvo Cars: Makes & Models We Offer

If you come to get one of these used cars for sale in Lexington, you'll notice that we offer more makes than just our mother store, though the majority of our used inventory will be Volvo vehicles. As opposed to certified pre-owned SUVs, our used SUVs for sale come from a wide variety of makes. You can find almost anything you want in our selection. You may even come across high-end luxury models if you keep up to date with our stock. We aren't limited to selling used Volvo SUVs, so the possibilities are nearly endless in our inventory! Makes and models we've seen include:


  • Used BMW X5
  • Used BMW X3

Used Lexus SUVs

  • Used Lexus LX
  • Used Lexus GX

Used Honda SUVs

  • Used Honda CR-V
  • Used Honda Pilot

Used Nissan SUVs

  • Used Nissan Rogue
  • Used Nissan Murano

Used Cadillac SUVs

  • Used Cadillac XT5
  • Used Cadillac Escalade

Used Volvo SUVs

Where Do Used Cars Come From?

When a driver and a brand new model love each other, they can't stay away from one another for long. Most of the time, this means they'll take the car they're currently driving and trade it in for value back on a new model. People who lease a model also have to turn their vehicle back in at the end of the lease term, usually around two years or so later. These trade-ins and returns are given a thorough inspection, are reconditioned, and receive a comprehensive road test. Then, if they pass, they're given the green light to be officially posted into our inventory. This means that all the used SUVs for sale that you see are in great shape and are fit for your driveway — or garage!

Used SUV Lexington - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)


Can you lease a used SUV?

You sure can! Some dealerships and leasing companies offer great prices on used SUV leasing. This option can save you a ton of money in the long run if you're okay with the slightly increased maintenance risk.

What is the most reliable SUV to buy used?

The Toyota Highlander and Honda CR-V are among those at the top of the list of reliable used SUVs to buy. The used Volvo XC90 takes one of the top positions as a sturdy premium SUV with seven-passenger capability. You can't go wrong with any of the options in our lot, though, as they're thoroughly vetted and approved by our experts.

What are the best months to buy a used car?

Oddly enough, the first two months of the year and the last month of the year are the best times to buy a used car. Why are January, February, and December such perfect times? There are fewer people visiting dealerships during cold months, so many dealers try to offer more competitive deals on used models to increase traffic. These months also align with the times where new year models are being unveiled and released, so more people are trading in their older vehicles for the opportunity to more easily afford the newest editions.

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You want to visit one of the leading places for used SUVs for sale in Lexington. So, come to us! We usually have a wide-ranging assortment from all different makes and with all different models included. If your favorite isn't in our inventory right now, keep checking in. Or, get in contact with us to see if we can nab one for you. Keep an eye out on this page, and don't forget the name Quantrell Volvo Cars when it comes time for you to buy a used SUV for sale!

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